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2.15 4.4shopify进阶学习(四)Checkout设置
2.15.1 Style 设置Shopify付款页面的Logo, 字体,页面颜色等 Logo 字体 文字颜色 背景颜色 设置Shopify付款页面的Logo, 字体,页面颜色等,和主题有关
2.15.2 Customer Accounts 设置当客户付款的时候是否在你的网站上创建买家账户 选取第二个即可 Enable Multipass Login
2.15.3 Form options 设置买家填写收货信息的时候哪些是选填填,哪些是必填项
2.15.4 Order processing 客户下单过程中以及下单之后的一些相关设置 While the customer is checking out – Use the shipping address as the billing address by default。 Ask for permission to send promotional emails to customers from your store。 月付29美金的用户来无法使用 After an order has been paid – Automatically fulfill the order‘s line items. 自动发货功能 After an order has been fulfilled and paid – Automatically archive the order. 不建议勾选
2.15.5 Checkout language 网站结款页面语言设置
2.15.6 Refund, privacy, and TOS statements 退款条款,隐私条款以及服务条款的设置 shopify有模板,参考即可
2.15.1 视频教程有更详细操作指导

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